our Edge Tool


One tool to edge them all ...

... versatile 8 edges in one tool.

What it does:

  • four different edge styles
  • each style in two different sizes
  • consistent edging by using the corner box
  • Proven concept - we use it ourselves

What it does

We wanted a single easy to use tool to be able to apply stylish corners to our bars.

The work process is quite simple:

  • put the box onto the corner of the bar you want to work on
  • hold it with a finger and start scraping the material away
  • always work from the outside towards the center

The key to a good edge is to be gentle at first and work the corner inwards from both ends. Never try to create the edge in one go or worse try to scrape all the way through over the end of the soap. Always start on the outside scraping towards the center. Then do the other direction again starting outside working to the middle. Once you are pretty much finished, you can go all the way in both directions.

Note: Because all our tools are printed after we receive your order, please allow 1-2 working days for the manufacturing process.

The following images show the styles of edges you can achieve. The green represents the soap bar:

the square edge

Square edge.

the rounded edge

Rounded edge.

the chamfered edge

Chamfered edge.

the round edge

Round edge.

Custom Designs

If you really think you need a different edge than the ones we have, then it is time to talk to us.

In case your soap bars are larger and won't fit our corner box (internal length 110mm), then contact us. We are sure we can help you out there.

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