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Scraper Tools

Also known as the soap-surface-modeller ...

A scraper tool is used to create surface patterns when making soap bars in long moulds.

We can provide:

  • Ready made designs
  • Custom Design just for you
  • Proven concept - we use it ourselves

We constantly try to improve our tools so we have come up with a clever way to help you guide the scraper through the mould:

Version 2 now has a vertical slit and a bar. These two are held together with a stainless steel butterfly wing screw. You can preset the height fasten the screw and pull the strainer through. It will stay on course and the same height all the way through. Great, right?

What you will get

These are scrapers we have been designing for our own projects. Of course you will get a freshly printed for you.

We print the scraper to the width you specify, so it will closely match your soap moulds. Again as with the strainers, make sure the measurement you request has 1mm clearance both sides. Unless you have specific requirements we print scrapers at 90mm length - give or take a mm.

All of our Soaping tools are 3D printed on one of our printers, depending on what they are needed for we use different filaments. For these strainers PLA is the best material. It is biodegradable and of medium strength and flexibility. Just perfect for this kind of tool. The main thing for you as a user to watch out for is heat: Do not heat the PLA strainer to more than 60°C or you risk it to become flexible again. In other words it may deform. This will almost certainly happen when you try to clean your strainer in a dish washer.

Ready made designs available:

Even if we call it ready made design, you are in charge of the final look of the scraper you get. The most basic definitions are:

It is much more difficult to describe the process, than actually doing it. Check out the interactive designer tools for our square and wave strainers below. If you want something really special, the start drawing on a piece of paper or send us an image of what you want to have. We can take it from there.

Scraper Design: with zigzag ends


For this design the parameters you can define are the number of squares to be fitted at the top and bottom end. Obviously the more squares you want to fit into a given width, the smaller they become. Our software however does all the size calculation for you if we know the width of the tool and the number of squares.

The image shows an example of our new improved version. The orange part is the bar you can use to preset the height.

In our shop we have a interactive customiser. Have a look and play around to make your perfect tool:

Square Scraper Customiser

Scraper Design: with wave ends


Again you can define the number of waves that should be fitted at the top and bottom end. You can also define the height of the wave to influence the look.

The image shows an example of our new improved version. The orange part is the bar you can use to preset the height.

It is much easier to play with our customiser than to explain the details. Have a look and play around to make your perfect tool:

Wave Scraper Customiser

Scraper Design: based on a cloud image

Custom design

The sky is the limit they say - though technically it is the size our printers can handle, which tends to be smaller! To show you an example of what can de done the above image shows a scraper we made from an image of a cloud.

Custom Designs

Your imagination is the limit here - as long of course the surface needs to follow a single continuous line and has no harsh undercuts. Kind of obvious, right?

In order to make your own design, you either need pen and paper (yes we know how to use these ancient technologies) or use a computer and draw your design electronically.

E-mail us before you embark on your design journey, as we have a few finer points to follow to help you creating a successful product. Once all is finished we convert this into the language a 3D printer understands and you will receive a unique scraper - Just for you!

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