Stamps by SoundSoap


Stamps are fun ...

... and bring your bar to a new level.

We can provide:

  • Ready made designs, but you can still define the size or mirror some looks
  • Custom Design just for you
  • Two different styles of stamps are available
  • Proven concept - we use it ourselves

Ready made Designs

We use a lot of stamps for our own soaps, so we have invested a lot of time and effort to get the technique just right.

You can purchase stamp from a lot of places on the Internet, but not often are you able to choose the stamp image and then have them printed at the size you want and/or decide if you want the normal or the mirrored look.

How is that possible? Because we only manufacture them after you order comes through. Yes, it might take a day longer to get them out of the door, but for that you have a stamp just for you, even if you choose a 'ready made design'.

You can also choose from two different styles of stamps:

  • Our 'bread-and-butter' stamp style is the mallet style (i.e. the cat and dog stamp above). It is on a thin base with a handle. You would use a rubber mallet or similar tools to gently hammer the stamp into the bar. This is particularly useful if you, like us, have relatively hard bars.
    Why this design? Because the base is thin and we print these stamps in a translucent material you are able to see the soap bar through the stamp. This is very handy when you are trying to place the stamp in an exact spot, for example if it has to be matching an embed.
  • The other style (see the blue example above) comes as a solid block, that you would most likely use to push in by hand. Because of the thickness of this design you can not see through. We often print this handblock style stamp in white, or what ever colour might be in the works. No, you can not choose.

Because these stamps are printed after we receive your order, please allow 1-2 working days for the manufacturing process.

All of our Soaping tools are 3D printed on one of our printers, depending on what they are needed for we use different filaments. For these stamps PLA is the best material. It is biodegradable and of medium strength and flexibility. Just perfect for this kind of tool. The main thing for you as a user to watch out for is heat: Do not heat the PLA stamp to more than 60°C or you risk it to become flexible again. In other words it may deform. This will almost certainly happen when you try to clean your stamp in a dish washer.

Check out the ready-made designs!

Custom Designs

Most of the custom designed stamp we make are for special promotions, or other soap makers logos.

Your imagination is the limit, but before you place an order, contact us via message or email and we will discuss the idea you have. As this is a service from soap maker to soap maker, this preliminary talk is free. We only expect to be paid once we actually start making the stamp.

In order to make your own design, we need some form of image or font style if it is purely text. If your design is based on an image, please understand, that you will need to have the 'right to use' the image. The easiest way to be ok is to utilize one of the many Internet sites that offer image downloads. Just to be clear: Being "free" does not necessarily mean you are allowed to use the image for commercial gain. Please check the copyright details! We can not be held liable for any copyright breaches, as we are acting in good faith on your behalf.

E-mail us before you embark on your design journey, as we have a few finer points to follow to help you creating a successful product. Once all is finished we convert this into the language a 3D printer understands and you will receive a unique stamp - Just for you!

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