Day At The Spa

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These are heavier than usual and weigh a minimum of 130 g, because there is salt in there (50% of the total weight).
Wonderful, creamy lather and it helps exfoliating your skin.

Scented with: Day at the Spa

Soap Ingredients:
Saponified oils: (100% Coconut). 50% Marlborough Sea Salt & Himalayan Salt, Water, glycerine, Fragrance oil, citric acid, mica + one homegrown piece of loofah.

Please note that the mica is only painted on and will disappear after one wash.
Also try and keep it in a dry place - it might weep, which is completely normal (the salt attracts humidity).

Description of Fragrances from the sellers webpages (Pure Nature):

Day at the Spa
Relax and unwind with this feel-good fragrance. With notes of lemongrass and blackcurrant and hints of patchouli and sugar cane, Day At The Spa will evoke a sense of comfort and pampering.
Contains natural patchouli, lemongrass and lime essential oils.

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