Pine Tar Soap

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This recent batch was made with Organic Coconut Oil

Longlasting - Skinloving - Ecofriendly

Pine Tar has been used traditionally for a lot of skin conditions (like psoriasis, eczema, flaky scalp and dandruff and others).

For this soap we used Stockholm Tar (pine tar) at 20%.

Scented with: Rosemary and Lavender Essential Oil
The Stockholm Tar has its own very smokey smell, which is pretty prevalent in the soap.

Soap ingredients:

Saponified oils: (Tallow, Pine Tar, Organic Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Unrefined Shea Butter). Water, Glycerine*, Essential oil, Activated charcoal
Essential Oils: Rosemary + Lavender

*Please note that I don't put any extra glycerine into the soap - this is just the glycerine that is created naturally during the soap making process.
According to NZ labelling rules the final ingredients of a product have to be listed.

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