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Wave scraper customizer

Width (60mm): (the width should be no more than the width of your mould)
Height (90mm): (the height should be about 5mm more than the depth of your mould)
No of waves ():
Height (mm):
No of waves ():
Height (mm):


These Scrapers are made to order. You can choose the width of the tool to fit your soap mold. Please allow at least 1mm 'space' between the tool and the mould each side.

You can also choose the number and size of the waves for top and bottom. The example shows a 60mm wide tool with 2.5 waves at the top of 8mm height and 3.5 waves at the bottom with 5mm height.

The height-bar will be calculated automatically according to the width you set. The scraper will also come with a stainless steel wing screw and nut to hold the two together.


  • Colours for display purpose only
  • These custom made strainers are printed with biodegradable PLA
  • Do not heat the tool to more than 60°C or it might deform
  • Comes as a set with stainless steel fasteners
  • Custom made strainer are printed after payment and can not be returned for a refund!

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