Spiders and Bats Stamp Set

Halloween Stamp: Spider and Bat set (1)

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Spiders and Bats stamp set

As with all our stamp these are printed in biodegradable PLA. Usually we print the mallet style in translucent material, so you can see the soap through the stamp for accurate placing. The hand stamp often is printed in what ever colour is in the printer - most often simply white.

This consists of four individual stamps: Two spiders and two bats. The idea is to let your imagination run free. You can stamp them just like you want. Both spiders come with approx 40mm 'string attached' so you can have them hanging down from the top of your soap ;-) 

In order to be able to easily handle these stamps, they are only available in a handblock style.

Please allow 1-2 business days for the printing.

The sizes are:
10x45 small spider
15x45 large spider
16x7   small bat
24x11 large bat

Note: Colours are for display only purpose.

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